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Angry IP Scanner

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HiDPI support arrived

12 Dec 2016

Angry IP Scanner now proudly supports HiDPI/Retina screens on Windows and Linux starting with version 3.5 released today.

Mac OS X retina support was already available before.

This works thanks to an update in SWT (the GUI toolkit) to version 4.7M3, which in addition to scaled fonts now also scales images as well. Also, HiDPI versions of all icons was also provided, updating most of the icons to a flatter style.

Support for running with Java 6 is also now dropped, so that the last version compatible with Java 6 is 3.4.2. According to the statistics, there are a very few users still running Java 6. All of them are recommended to upgrade their Java.

Running on Windows XP is no longer officially supported, however it may still work. Angry IP Scanner now uses some Unicode characters in the UI that may not be rendered correctly by this version of Windows.